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.a. Murray Langston the Unknown Comic Collection

Markham Geller J. Ancient Babylonian Medicine. Theory and Practice

Utilizing a great variety of previously unknown cuneiform tablets, Ancient Babylonian Medicine: Theory and Practice examines the way medicine was practiced by various Babylonian professionals of the 2nd and 1st millennium B.C. Represents the first overview of Babylonian medicine utilizing cuneiform sources, including archives of court letters, medical recipes, and commentaries written by ancient scholars Attempts to reconcile the ways in which medicine and magic were related Assigns authorship to various types of medical literature that were previously considered anonymous Rejects the approach of other scholars that have attempted to apply modern diagnostic methods to ancient illnesses

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Unknown The Story Of Frithiof Bold

Unknown Battle of the Monkey & Crab

Unknown The Story of the White Mouse

Unknown The Parables of the Saviour

Unknown The Martyr of the Catacombs

Unknown The Royal Game of the Ombre

Unknown The Story of the White-Rock Cove

Unknown The Keepsake

Unknown The Runaway

Unknown The Emperor's Rout

Unknown The Flower Basket

Unknown The Arctic Queen

Unknown The Flood

Unknown The Magna Carta

Unknown The Young Captives

Unknown The Apricot Tree

Unknown The Three Bears

Unknown The Golden Treasury

Unknown The Pearl Box

Unknown The World's Fair

W. Bloomer Martin A Companion to Ancient Education

A Companion to Ancient Education presents a series of essays from leading specialists in the field that represent the most up-to-date scholarship relating to the rise and spread of educational practices and theories in the ancient Greek and Roman worlds. Reflects the latest research findings and presents new historical syntheses of the rise, spread, and purposes of ancient education in ancient Greece and Rome Offers comprehensive coverage of the main periods, crises, and developments of ancient education along with historical sketches of various educational methods and the diffusion of education throughout the ancient world Covers both liberal and illiberal (non-elite) education during antiquity Addresses the material practice and material realities of education, and the primary thinkers during antiquity through to late antiquity

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Unknown The Fox and the Geese; Wonderful History of Henny-Penny

Unknown The Story Of Gunnlaug Worm-Tongue And Raven Skald