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Automatic Temperature Compensation Propylene Glycol Accurate Refractometer

Hand held brix honey refractometer with Automatic Temperature Compensation 58~90% Brix Honey Sugar Content Measurement Tool

Alcohol Refractometer 0-80%V/V Automatic Temperature Compensation with ATC Meter Tester Beer Wine Concentration tool

New arrival Brix 0-40% Honey milk Fruit sweetness meter Tester Handheld refractometer Automatic temperate compensation

Handheld refractometer Wine Fruit sweetness meter Concentration Meters Brix 0-40% alcohol 0-25% Automatic temperate compensation

112KHZ transceiver integrated high frequency and precision ultrasonic ranging sensor with temperature compensation

High Aquarium pH Meter Acidimeter Drinking Water Quality Tester water Analyzer Temperature Compensation Func Backlight

3-in-1 Pen Type Combo Meter ORP Redox PH Temperature Tester with Automatic Compensation and Optional Electrode

the analog voltage signal output temperature compensation PH sensor module acquisition

Abbe Refractometer 2WAJ Monochromatic Digital Brix Laboratory Optical Equipment

DN50 LCD Display Natural Gas Vortex Flowmeter 4 to 20mA and Pulse Output Temperature Pressure Compensation 24 VDC Power

Mini Online pH Meter Water Quality Tester aquarium water Monitor Analyzer Waterproof with Temperature Compensation ATC Function

Microcomputer-based PHB-4 PH Meter Automatic Temperature Compensation Monitor Tester Range:0.00~14.00pH Accuracy:+-0.01pH ATC

Abbe Refractometer 2WAJ Monochromatic Digital Brix Laboratory Optical Equipment

New Precision 1/10000 Analytical Balance High Accuracy Lab Temperature Compensation Scale 220g/120g

Yieryi Professional YD-100 Salinity Meter Range :0-10%,Digital LCD Test Pen Automatic Temperature Compensation

Handheld Portable Refractometer Urine Specific Gravity Meter Veterinary Pet Serum Plasma Protein Hemoglobin

Digital Refractometer 0-50% Brix Meter Fruit Juice Sugar Concentration Detector Electronic

Stewart Reifler The Compensation Committee Handbook

New and updated information on the laws and regulations affecting executive compensation Now in a thoroughly updated Fourth Edition, The Compensation Committee Handbook provides a comprehensive review of the complex issues challenging compensation committees that face revised executive compensation disclosure regulations issued by the SEC, as well as GAAP and IFRS rulings and trends. This new and updated edition addresses a full range of functional issues facing compensation committees, including organizing, planning, and best practices tips. Looks at the latest regulations impacting executive compensation, including new regulations issued by the SEC, as well as GAAP and IFRS rulings and trends Covers the selection and training of compensation committee members Explores how to make compensation committees a performance driver for a company Guides documentation requirements and timing issues The Compensation Committee Handbook, Fourth Edition will help all compensation committee members and interested professionals succeed in melding highly complex technical information and concepts with both corporate governance principles and sound business judgment.

9399.76 RUR



Portable digital Honey refractometer Brix Refractive Index Refractometer 0-90% high quality handheld

Abbe Refractometer Digital Brix Monochromatic Laboratory Optical Equipment 2WAJ Monocular

High quality 0-50% digital beer refractometer Refractive Index Refractometer handheld Portable

0-30% brix Coffee Sugar Meter TDS 0-25% concentration refractometer digital Portable electronic

Abbe Refractometer Digital Brix Monochromatic Laboratory Optical Equipment 2W Binocular

Alcohol Concentration Detector Of Liquor Meter Refractometer 0-80% v/v Alcoholometer Oenometer

Digital Honey-Refractometer 0-90% Brix Refractometer Baume' Meter Water Content Detector Honey Purity Test Tool

BENEFITBEE Brix/Be'/Water 3 in 1 Honey Refractometer 58-90% Sugar Content Baume Equipment Tools Measuring

Handheld Refractometer Sugar Salt Meter Sweet Cream Tester Juice Food Detector 0-28% 0-32% Brix Grapes ATC

Handheld 0-20% Milk Concentration Refractometer Protein Tester Optical Prism Water Content Measure Tool

Portable 0-50% Brix Refractometer Handheld Sugar High-sugar Meter Sweetness With Box