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Lindsay McKenna Solitaire

Lindsay McKenna Red Tail

Lindsay McKenna The Defender

Lindsay McKenna Out Rider

Lindsay McKenna Texas Wildcat

Lindsay McKenna Sun Woman

Lindsay McKenna Dangerous Alliance

Lindsay McKenna The Gauntlet

Lindsay McKenna Wolf Haven

Lindsay McKenna Brave Heart

Lindsay McKenna Countdown

Lindsay McKenna Under Fire

Lindsay McKenna Wilderness Passion

Lindsay McKenna Operation: Forbidden

Lindsay McKenna On Fire

Lindsay McKenna Running Fire

Lindsay McKenna Heart Of The Tiger

Lindsay McKenna Point Of Departure

Lindsay McKenna Too Near The Fire

Lindsay McKenna His Woman in Command

Lindsay McKenna A Measure Of Love

Lindsay McKenna No Quarter Given

Lindsay McKenna Shadows And Light

Lindsay McKenna Heart Of The Eagle

Lindsay McKenna One Man's War

Lindsay McKenna High Country Rebel

Lindsay McKenna Coming Home for Christmas: Christmas Angel / Unexpected Gift Navy Joy

Lindsay McKenna Commando

As a mercenary, Jake Randolph had faced danger and walked away unscathed. Yet, as a man, he'd confronted love–and lost much more than his heart. But his latest assignment, locating beautiful Shah Sungilo Travers, reminded Jake of what was missing in his own life.Shah had traveled to the Amazon to escape unwanted male attention. However, Jake's determination to keep her safe was quickly wearing down her resolution to lead a secluded life. Jake claimed the jungle was no place for her, but would Shah be any safer in his arms?

353.26 RUR



Lindsay McKenna Destiny's Woman

She had never needed anyone before. Never ached for a man before.Until her latest mission put Apache pilot Akiva Redtail in the hot seat next to army officer Joe Calhoun. As they rode the thunderous skies, dodging danger at every turn, Akiva discovered a strength in Joe's arms, a fiery passion she was powerless to battle against. For only with this rugged soldier by her side could this Native American beauty fulfill the destiny she was born to. Only with Joe did she dare open her heart to love….

116.1 RUR



Lindsay McKenna Man With A Mission

A tower of testosterone, Captain Jake Travers had the drive, the daring and the pulverizingly masculine muscles to rescue his kidnapped kid sister singlehandedly.All he needed was a guide through the perilous Peruvian jungle. What he got was Lieutenant Cortina. Ana Lucia Cortina–a strong, sensual female soldier who outraged Jake's military machismo. Worse, gunfire and the hot tropical sun detonated desire, and Jake thirsted for completion in Ana's arms.But with danger dead ahead, proud Jake suddenly knew fear: Could he save his sister, survive this mission–and make this magnificent woman warrior his wife?

353.26 RUR



Lindsay McKenna Hunter's Pride

THE TOUGHER HUNTER WAS… The harder he was bound to fall. But that didn't stop rugged mercenary Devlin Hunter from shrugging off his boss's order to partner up with pretty Kulani Dawson on his latest mission. After all, a man had his pride–and this man worked alone.But Kulani wasn't about to let Dev stalk off into dangerous territory without a guide. And after a few nights fraught with danger–and filled with passion–Dev's biggest battle was keeping his beautiful partner from stealing his heart and destroying his vow to never ever fall in love!

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Christina McKenna Czarny Sakrament


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