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CPR Model,Computer Control Model CPR,ISO First Aid Training

ISO Adult Arm Vein Puncture Training Model,Arm Transfusion Practice Model,Intravenous Model

ISO Bust CPR Model,CPR Model,Computer Control Practice Training Dummies

ISO Quality Certification 55cm Both Sexes 20 Torso Model,Human Model,Body Anatomy Model

4D Lung Intelligence Assembling Toy Human Organ Anatomy Model Medical Teaching DIY Popular Science Appliances

Spirometry Breathing Exerciser Training Ins Pirometer Inhalation Respiration Lung Device Pulmonary J3

ISO 42CM Male Torso 13 Parts,Male Organ Anatomical Model Parts,Anatomy

ISO Surgical Suture Practice Module,New Skin Skill Model

Kriti Divya In-Silico Pulmonary . Serum Hydrophilic Surfactant Protein Interaction

Lung biosurfactants are essential biomolecules which help in normal breathing, alveolar stability, and defense systems. One of the most common human lung biosurfactants, SP-D, is useful to combat various respiratory diseases such as IPF, ILD, COPD, GERD, HLA-B27, VKH, CF and PH. In this work, 3 human lung biosurfactants, SP-A, SP-D and MBP-C have been opted and analysed based on their binding affinities to Antigens and Moldock scores. This analysis leads to selection of one of the BS, SP-D. The SP-D gene is then suggested to be inserted into a commercial DH5 α E.coli strain and the large scale production of SP-D is done according to the calculated world requirement. In short, these in-silico and in-vitro interaction studies have been done to find the best native and modeled mutant BS proteins which can help us fight various pulmonary diseases occurring due to attack of microbes as well as to cure the in-born defects in pulmonary metabolism. This book deals with the study of lung BS interactions. It would be helpful for those trying to research using various tools available with bioinformatics and also for those trying to tread the path of large scale production.

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Engine model external combustion engine / micro generator steam teaching

Demonstration Model Lumbar Vertebral Spine Pathological vertebrae model Quadrilateral lumbar disease medical art

Engine model external combustion engine / micro generator steam teaching

The Fifth Cervical Vertebra Model Vertebrae Nerve Amplification Skeletal Anatomical Manikin

Engine model external combustion engine / micro generator steam teaching

1:50 scale model bathroom furnitures, bathtube,model sink Toilet

Engine model external combustion engine / micro generator steam teaching

External combustion engine small tank model / micro generator steam

External combustion engine small tank model / micro generator steam

8cm scale model tree miniature color N layout building kits

Medical Pancreatic Duodenum and Gallbladder Pathology Model Digestive System Skeleton Anatomical

Abulenien Ayman The Role Of Magnetic Resonance Imaging In Fetal Lung Maturation

The assurance of fetal lung maturation is important in preterm birth. Pulmonary maturity does affect postnatal respiratory function and is associated with significant neonatal morbidity and mortality. This study aimed at assessing the role of magnetic resonance imaging evaluation of fetal lung maturation correlated with the respiratory status of the neonates. 1.In fetuses with normal chest, FLV increased as pregnancy advanced as well as Signal intensity and lung to liver signal intensity ratio. 2.In high risk fetuses , FLV, SI and lung to liver signal intensity ratios increased significantly with the progress of pregnancy. 3.FLV was lower among high risk fetuses than control fetuses. 4.fetuses with poor respiratoy outcome had significantly smaller FLV. 5.The mean FLV and SI increase after antenatal corticosteroids therapy.

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Palivonta Tetiana Valuation of European Style Options with Heston Model

This book presents general concepts of Black-Scholes model, Vasicek model, Cox-Ingersoll-Ross model, Hull-White model, Heston and Nandi model, Bates model, and Heston model. Nevertheless, the main focus is on the valuation of European style options with Heston model during periods of economic stability and economic crisis. The obtained results are compared to market prices and approaches derived from Black-Scholes model.

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2pcs/lot Car LED Courtesy ghost shadow welcome light Laser logo projector door lamp For Tesla MODEL S X 3 Y

2pcs/set alloy model toy simulation aircraft Boeing 777 return aeronautical gift toys for children

1:32 decast car model Benz AMG GTR sports alloy simulation 6 door sound and light pull back toy

50 pcs 1:87 Dairy Cattle Animal Model Small Colored Cow Toy for Sand Table Building

50 Pieces Plastic Streets Lamp Model making 1:100 Lamppost Railway Street Lighting Kids Toy

VW T1 bus Van Blue Type2 Samba 1:25 Diecast Model Car Toy Vehicle model Alloy Toys Gift Collection

1/3/5/7cm x 3m Traceless Double-Sided Tape Nano Magic For Tesla MODEL S X 3 Y Door Sill Removable Sticker

Model 26CM Body Trunk Anatomical Organ of Human System Anatomy Medical Teaching

Cullinan Alloy Car Model 1:24 Phantom Six Door Pull Back Diecast Toy with Sound Light Gift Kid

Wooden model villa 3D wooden making three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle laser building kits toy assembly

Teraysun Lamppost Model 200Pcs Plastic Streets Lamp 1:500 making Miniature Toys Railway Street Light

HOT sale 2pcs/lot Car LED 3D LOGO shadow light welcome Decorative signal Lamp For Tesla MODEL S X 3 Y


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