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ENOVO Anatomical model of anatomy the body organ 85CM human system

1:1 Human Heart anatomy Model high quality Medical Organ Anatomical Teaching

ENOVO Anatomical model of anatomical anatomy human organ system in 85CM

Model 26CM Body Trunk Anatomical Organ of Human System Anatomy Medical Teaching

4D Lung Intelligence Assembling Toy Human Organ Anatomy Model Medical Teaching DIY Popular Science Appliances

ENOVO Anatomy of trunk viscera (three types) human organ structure model

Medical Human Male Reproductive Organ Structure Model Genitourinary System Gift Urology Testicle Training

ENOVO Anatomical model of anatomical system 85CM human. organ

Sushil Khetan K. Endocrine Disruptors in the Environment

A concise and engaging overview of endocrine disruption phenomena that brings complex concepts within the reach of non-specialists For most of the last decade, the science of endocrine disruption has evolved with more definitive evidence of its damaging potential to health and environment. This book lists the major environmental chemicals of concern and their mechanism of endocrine disruption including remedial measures for them. Divided into three parts, Endocrine Disruptors in the Environment begins with an overview of the endocrine system and endocrine disruptors, discussing their salient features and presenting a historical perspective of endocrine disruption phenomena. It then goes on to cover hormone-signaling mechanisms, followed by various broad classes of putative endocrine disruptors, before introducing readers to environmental epigenetic modifications. Part two of the book focuses on removal processes of various EDCs by biotic and abiotic transformation/degradation. The last section consists of four chapters embracing themes on finding solutions to environmental EDCs—including their detection, regulation, replacement, and remediation. Endocrine Disruptors in the Environment is the first book to detail the endocrine effects of several known environmental contaminants and their mechanism of endocrine disruption. Additionally, it: Covers both the chemistry and biology of endocrine disruption and compiles almost all the known endocrine disrupting environmental chemicals and their mechanisms of toxicity Addresses policy and regulatory issues relevant to EDCs including scientific uncertainty and precautionary policy Brings forth the use of Green Chemistry principles in avoiding endocrine disruption in the designing and screening for safer chemicals and remediation of the EDCs in aquatic environment Includes a useful glossary of technical terms, a list of acronyms, topical references, and a subject index Endocrine Disruptors in the Environment is an ideal book for environmental chemists and endocrine toxicologists, developmental biologists, endocrinologists, epidemiologists, environmental health scientists and advocates, and regulatory officials tasked with risk assessment in environment and health areas.

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85cm Medical Human Model Heart Artery Spine Manikin model body meridians clear Teaching

Medical Human Cervical Vertebra Model Muscle Neurological Specimen Recommended By Orthopedic Surgeon

Endocrine conditioning compound essential oil Strengthen the endocrine system Improve aging skin provide nutrition

Endocrine decompression compound essential oil Conditioning balance the body's endocrine system Effectively facial pigmentation

Fashion Cartoon Eyes Teeth Heart Organ Brooch Female Chic Mini Personality Human Shirt Collar Needle Jewelry

Fadhl Al-Akwaa The Dynamic of Glucose-Insulin Endocrine Metabolic Regulatory System

Diabetes mellitus is a disease in the glucose-insulin endocrine metabolic regulatory system, in which the pancreas either does not release insulin or does not properly use insulin to uptake glucose in the plasma, which is referred as hyperglycemia. Complications of diabetes mellitus include retinopathy, nephropathy, peripheral neuropathy and blindness. The purpose of this study is to model the dynamic of the short-term glucose regulatory system (GRS) in man and its hormonal regulation by considering all the feedback loops which are responsible of controlling the glucose metabolism in man. The model proposed in this work used the system dynamics (SD) approach which was designed for studying complex systems. This SD model consists of twenty-three negative (balance) loops and six compartments. The model was validated during wide range of clinical test inputs, to be sure that this model accurately represents the really endocrine system. Understanding the mechanism underlying glucose-insulin oscillations and determination of the origin of the glucose-insulin levels oscillations is another purpose of this model. Other applications for this model also have been explored.

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J. Neal Matthew How the Endocrine System Works

How the Endocrine System Works is not another standard introduction to endocrinology, but an innovative and fun way to learn about the importance of the key glands in the human body and the hormones they control. It is explained in 9 easy-to-understand lectures, with additional material on the treatment and management of endocrine disorders. How the Endocrine System Works: • Is designed for those in need of a concise introduction to this fascinating area of medicine • Has been rigorously updated to reflect today’s endocrinology teaching • Includes more focus on the treatment and management of endocrine disorders • Features more on evidence-based medicine, obesity, epidemiology, and biostatistics • Includes summaries of key research which affects diagnostic criteria • Includes brand new case-based review questions at the end of each chapter • Features full-color diagrams throughout How the Endocrine System Works is the perfect introduction for all medical students, as well as for students of bioscience, and other healthcare disciplines.

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Senior Human Eye Model ,Orbital Amplification ,Eyeball Structure

Post Master 4D assembly human anatomy model medical tooth biological experiment

Human Life-size model Disarticulated skeleton with skull Skeleton

Authentic Medical Human Cervical Vertebra Model Spinal Cord and Nerve Enlargement Neurobiology Anatomical

Underwear model props women's half-body bra underwear window swimsuit display fake human frame

100Pcs/lot 1:100 scale model miniature figures Architectural human ABS plastic peoples


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